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Welcome! My name is Melissa and I'm an eighteen-year-old student currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce (International). Born and raised in the suburbs of Sydney by two shoeaholics, I have an affinity for matte lipsticks, alternative music and a nice cup of tea.

izzipenelope was created in January 2014 as an extension of my 'alter ego'; a place dedicated to my thoughts on fashion, beauty and the nuances of everyday life. I mainly write from my own experiences and hope to reach out to my fellow fashion-conscious individuals who may have too much on their plates.  

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It seems I suffer from 'chronic bitch face', but I promise I'm really not that mean! I'd love to talk to you all, so be sure to leave a comment or get in touch however you can :) x

Email: izzipenelope@gmail.com

Twitter: @izzipenelope

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