This is the fourth and final photo diary from my 2015 Europe trip. I hope you've all enjoyed coming along with me, because I've thoroughly enjoyed compiling these little posts. 

Day -1:

Kings Cross Station

For those of you that didn't know, we actually flew into London before taking the Eurostar to Paris. Along the way, we stopped at Kings Cross and the Harry Potter nerd in me had to take a photo at Platform 9 ³/₄. 

Day 1:

Buckingham Palace // Houses of Parliament // Big Ben // 
Trafalgar Square // National Gallery

On an extremely dreary day, we visited Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. By the time we got there, the concourse was already quite filled out, but we managed to wedge our way to the gates. 

As the weather began to clear up, we walked around Westminster and eventually ended up in Trafalgar Square. At this point, we were completely bummed and spent most of the afternoon admiring art from comfy (and not so comfy) seats in the middle of the National Gallery.

Your typical touristy telephone booth photo

Day 2:

Tower Bridge // Harrods

We decided to take it easy on our second day and went over to Tower Bridge. It seems rather fitting that Towers by Little Mix came on shuffle on the tube ride over there, and I pretty much had it on repeat for the rest of the trip. We went up to the skywalk, where I spent too much time reading about the history of bridges before I felt obligated to take some 'floating selfies'. 

The struggle to sit up is real

Day 3:

Marble Arch // Oxford Street // British Museum

Essentially, we spent the whole day shopping. We started at the Marble Arch end of Oxford St, spending 3+ hours in Primark before slowly making our way down towards the British Musem.

Day 4:

British Museum // Covent Garden 

Because I'd incorrectly interpreted closing times the night before, we ended back at the British Museum the following morning. We wrapped up our mini-tour of the history of the homo-sapiens around lunch and headed to Covent Garden. 

I really wanted to visit the Melissa Galleries, because I'm extremely obnoxious and collect shoes with my own names printed on the sole. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in any of the shoes I wanted so I made mum by them instead (logic, right?)

Just rolling with the homies

Day 5:

Natural History Museum

We left the closest til last. The Natural History Museum was about a 15-20 minute walk from our apartment, so we went on our last morning. It was a Sunday, so there were lines filled with little children absolutely everywhere! After hearing that they'd be replacing Dippy in the main hall, I was desperate to snap up a selfie with him. 

Your typical touristy Tardis photo // Your typical touristy selfie with Dippy

Which photo diary has been your favourite?

Paris // Portugal // Spain
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