Ultimate back to school feelz

 Tee shirt - Kmart // Denim top - Hand-Me-Down // Sweater - Supre // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Lipstik

It's official: I'm a university student. 

I had my first lecture on campus yesterday morning, and I can already tell you that I am completely and utterly lost (in every way). After running up and down trying to find lecture halls, textbooks and familiar faces, I'm starting to think that these 2 hour breaks are just enough time for me to recover. 

There have been some positives so far: I'm meeting new people, I get to play a video game for as part of my Microeconomics class and I'm starting to take outfit photos away from my brick wall (yay!)
I clearly need to work on this posing/smiling thing, but the early mornings and the two-hour lectures are clearly getting to me.

Do you like to overdress or underdress on the first day of school?
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