This is the fourth and final photo diary from my 2015 Europe trip. I hope you've all enjoyed coming along with me, because I've thoroughly enjoyed compiling these little posts. 


Since I first watched The Cheetah Girls 2, I've always wanted to go to Barcelona to strut like I mean it, free my mind. Needless to say, the prospect of cute guitar playing Spanish boys and seafood paella was more than enough to make me drool in my day dreams. 

This is a rather long post, because I felt obliged to include all of the beautiful photos over the 5 days we spent in Spain!


 Dress - Hong Kong // Hat - Primark // Necklace - DIY // Boots - Lipstik via Dotti

Hello hello! I'm sorry for my end-of-week disappearance. I've had too many things on my agenda - textbook chapters to read, statistics videos to watch and concerts to attend - so I wasn't able to upload my Spain Photo Diary (but I promise it will be up this weekend!!). It's gotten to the point where I am unapologetic about repeating outfits - this outfit being a prime example. 

I wore this outfit to dinner a couple of weeks back, before re-wearing it to uni. I rediscovered this dress just in time to wear it before the heat wave ends; the flowy silhouette and light fabric means it's still bearable for those extremely hot and muggy days (ew). I'd also been searching for a nice wide brimmed hat to compliment my new short hair, and I actually found it at one of the Oxford Street Primarks before I'd actually got it chopped #success. 

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It's been a solid six months since I made any effort to be 'fit' and my body is definitely suffering for it. 

In the months leading up to my final exams, I was very conscious about boosting my immune system, staying healthy and feeling good about myself. I was still playing water polo every week, and running on a pretty regular basis. But since early November, all that has stopped. I've definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels, moods and general fitness levels. Then there's the added fact that I'm determined not to gain the freshman fifteen, because I need to fit into tiny formal dresses for my balls so...

I've decided I'm getting back into fitness


Before heading to Portugal, I wasn't really sure what to expect from the westernmost country in mainland Europe. After our two-day adventure, I am so eager to revisit Portugal during the warmer months!


Ultimate back to school feelz

 Tee shirt - Kmart // Denim top - Hand-Me-Down // Sweater - Supre // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Lipstik

It's official: I'm a university student. 

I had my first lecture on campus yesterday morning, and I can already tell you that I am completely and utterly lost (in every way). After running up and down trying to find lecture halls, textbooks and familiar faces, I'm starting to think that these 2 hour breaks are just enough time for me to recover. 

There have been some positives so far: I'm meeting new people, I get to play a video game for as part of my Microeconomics class and I'm starting to take outfit photos away from my brick wall (yay!)
I clearly need to work on this posing/smiling thing, but the early mornings and the two-hour lectures are clearly getting to me.

Do you like to overdress or underdress on the first day of school?
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