Visiting Paris has always been high up on my list of places to visit. The City of Love was our first official stop on our European trip. I took a buttload of photos and here are some of my favourites :)


O-Week (aka Orientation Week) kicks of this week, and I'm totally getting pumped for that tertiary-education-lifestyle. As I leave these super long summer holidays behind, I'll be looking forward to a couple of things:

1. O-Week parties | I'm at home missing the movie night right now, but there's parties for the rest of the week which I definitely plan on attending

2. 3.5 day weekends | I only have half a week of school, and that's definitely a reason to celebrate

3. No uniform | More excuses to go shopping, and more outfit posts!!

4. Muji stationery | Whether it's the legit stuff or the knock-offs they sell at Officeworks, I've stocked up on pretty stationery 

5.  My new backpack | I bought a Longchamp backpack, which folds up (say what?!). Talk about easy storage

6. Good food on campus | From McDonalds to Max Brenner, Mexican to budget Chinese, you could never go hungry on campus (unless you've already spent all your money on food on campus)

7. Free food | At O-Week; at club events; maybe even shouts from hot boys??

8. Joining a bajillion different clubs and societies | This is where the free food and other free goodies come in, along with new friends and hopefully some motivation to get fit

9. Student discounts | I'm pretty sure student discounts are off the hook for uni kids, and I plan to take advantage of as many of them as I possibly can

10. Meeting new friends | Guess it's time to make some life long friends
What's your favourite thing about school?
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I finally went for a much needed hair cut whilst I was in Hong Kong, and now my not-so-long locks are funky fresh and dual-coloured. It's been quite a big change for someone who hasn't had short hair since she was about 6, but I'm really digging the freedom of it all. 

The Reason:

For years, my hair has been a haven for damaged, split-end ridden hair. I held out for as long as I could, so I'd have enough hair to work with for formal updos and such. But all these formal hairstyles made me realise that my hair was an extremely flat colour, and none of the detailed braiding was showing up. A couple of my friends had made the big chop and donated their hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, so I decided to follow their lead a year later.

The Result:

I had 30cm chopped off and balayaged what remained. I'm really glad the shorter length hasn't made my hair ridiculously frizzy/curly/wavy, but has kept its naturally wavy texture. However, the collarbone length has made it extremely difficult for my hair to stay up in a bun meaning I've lost my signature top knot :(

I'm still getting used to the blonde hairs I find on my brush, but I'm feeling a lot more trendy. I'm so happy that my braids and twists are coming up effortlessly, but I've generally just left it out with a side part. 

Started from the bottom now we here, started from the bottom now all my hair's f**king here.

 I'm sending my hair off to Pantene on Monday, and I really hope it helps someone out! 

What's your dream hair?
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The unfortunate truth is that Australian cosmetics are preposterously quite expensive; with us Aussies paying, on average, double the price Americans would for the same product. So every time I go overseas, I have a mission to tick off as much as I can on my beauty wish list. 

Although I didn't pick up as much as I intended, I'm quite content with my new stash of high end and drugstore make up :)

In London:

I can sum up my London purchases with #thebloggermademebuyit. Besides the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner, which was an emergency purchase (although I did do some quick research on, all the other products are British cult favourites. I had no hesitations buying the Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush because I'd seen it featured over on Nouvelle Daily and other blogs a number of times, and also the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as it's pretty much a British blogger must-have. I was surprised to find out that not that many Boots stock Soap & Glory make up, so I was over the moon when I got my hands on their Supercat Eyeliner
In Hong Kong:

I held out until the end of the trip to do my MAC haul in Hong Kong. At the APM store, I was recommended the Viva Glam Lip Palette, which has all the Viva Glam I-VI lipsticks for the price of 1.5 lipsticks in Australia (score!). I also picked up the cult favouritesPro Longwear Concealer and Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, because we all know that yours truly is forever on the hunt for the perfect concealer and a good highlighter never hurt nobody.

What's on your beauty wishlist?
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