Woohoo - izzipenelope turns one today!

A year ago, my procrastination boredom begun a journey which has been far more rewarding than I ever anticipated. That journey was, of course, starting this blog. From being a completely clueless blogger, I've become a slightly less clueless blogger because of all I've learnt this year. 

I've got to thank all my readers for giving me so much support and positive feedback, and all my new blogging friends for being awesome :) I can honestly say that you've all made my 2014 (and early 2015)! Some of my favourite highlights have been collaborating with SC Perfume, joining Fame & Partners Fame Chain, reaching 200 followers on Bloglovin and getting my own domain name - none of it would've happened without you <3

Because you guys are so awesome, I had to host a giveaway!

Recently, I've had a rather unhealthy obsession with pretty stationery and I thought it would be perfect for kick starting your 2015 :) 

The winner will be getting: 

1x Kikki K 'Live Bright' Notebook
1x Kikki K 'Live Bright' Adhesive Note Set
1x Kate Spade Pocket Notebook
1x Mini Chalkboard
(a new one without my dodgy chalk job)

*This giveaway is international

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Due to an extreme lack of space and restrictions on LAGs (liquids, aerosols and gels), my recent trip to Europe involved some meticulous thought about how I was going to pack my make up and toiletries. 


Welcome to!

It may be the end of 2014, but it's the beginning of a new era here at izzipenelope. I decided to up my blogging game by getting my own domain name, and upgrading to a new Canon EOS 700D and 50mm f1.8 II lens.

I've been seriously considering domain names about 6 months, after discovering Dana's post over on Wonderforest. I decided to go with GoDaddy because of their $1.99/year coupon code (CODER199) for the first year. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone else with a credit card to do the transaction for me, which ended up being a good thing because they currently have a deal for 99c for the first year! After going through with the transaction, I followed Dana's prompts without too much difficulty and now I have my own custom domain name!

The new DSLR camera and camera lens were Christmas presents from my parents. I've been using my hand-me-down 350D for a number of years now, and I broke my 50mm lens a couple months back. Although my old camera is still functioning (and actually took the photo above), it is slowly breaking down on me and using it is becoming a bit troublesome. I really wanted to improve my blog photography, and returned to the 50mm lens for it's specialisation in portraits and still photos.

I picked the 700D because:
  • It has a flip screen view, which is perfect for shooting by myself
  • It has special video functions, which will great if I decide to start filming Youtube videos
  • It still sits within the budget range, and is especially affordable with Canon's cash back deal
I really want to take my blog to the next level in 2015, so hopefully these new upgrades will help me with the process.

How do you want to upgrade your blog?

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Dress - Fame & Partners // Boots - Lipstick (via Dotti)

When a party themed 'Gods of Olympus' comes up, you're really plucking at my Year 8 Percy Jackson feels (i.e. where the name 'Izzi Penelope' sprung from*). My boyfriend and I thought it would be quite entertaining to go as Hades and Persephone, especially since that gave me the excuse to give him a 'smokey eye' and use blue hair chalk in his extremely high maintenance hair. I wore the short version of my Fame & Partner's formal dress, which I got at their first sample sale for $20!!

*Pun totally intended: Persphone was the goddess of spring

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Happy New Year!!
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve; whether that was with family or friends, out watching the fireworks* or at home enjoying a nice meal.
2014 was a big year for me. I completed my Higher School Certificate and rounded up my final year of high school; I joined the Salvos Ambassador Movement; and I started this blog - all in the space of a year. I stopped writing in my Happiness Jar when I graduate (around September) but it was still lovely to hold onto my achievements and the good times over the last year.
I've come to realise that your own positive perception of yourself and the world around you is integral to your own happiness. I've realised that the people around you can have the biggest impact, and for this reason I have to thank my mum, my boyfriend and my best friend Rachael. 2014 was also a very stressful and anxious year for me, and I'm so grateful to have had such amazing people supporting me. I want to maximise upon the opportunities that come my way in 2015, so I've set myself a few little goals.
*I must say, watching the fireworks in Sydney has always been my favourite way to spend New Year's Eve