As a recently converted Star Wars fan, I thought it was only appropriate to pick up some of the CoverGirl Star Wars Colorlicious Lipsticks. And by some, I meant all the shades we stock in Australia, because as Yoda said "Do or do not, there is no try".

CoverGirl really went beyond the dodgy costume/cosplay make up with this lipstick collection. They included four metallic shades - two meant for droids and stormtrooper and two more human? wearable shades. 


I'm a little bit over all the 304 gift guides, for 'him', 'her' and just about everyone else, so I thought I'd be a little bit selfish I do a post on what I want for Christmas. This wishlist has popped up a little bit later than it did last year (i.e. not straight after Halloween), but I really haven't been feeling all that festive?? Absolutely shocking, I know. I've been a bit naughty this year, but I could never pass up some gifts :P


I hate to admit it, but I've spent way too much time and money over the last couple of months. In fact, I'm actually scared of receiving my next discount voucher cause I don't really want to know just how much I've spent. Anyways, I thought I'd show you guys some of the bits and bobs I've picked up.

Pretty much every blogger and their mum loves and raves about La Roche-Posay, so I finally caved and got on board the bandwagon. The first thing I picked up was the Thermal Water, because it's essentially the cornerstone of French skincare brands like La Roche-Posay and Avene. I was also recommended the Toleriane Dermo Cleanser and the Toleriane Riche Cream for my drier skin. I never thought I'd see the day where my beloved Cetaphil would get replaced, but my skin has been so much softer and more nourished (?) since I started using these products! There was also a giveaway, so I snagged a mini Thermal Water and Micellar Water :)

I've been on the market for a new daily face scrub and a new hand cream, so I thought I'd give the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub (that's such a goddamn long name) and the Nivea Pure & Natural Hand Cream. So far, they're doing their job, but I wouldn't say there's anything special about them. 

I picked up a crap load of stuff during the 50% off haircare sale at Priceline. Because I have such brittle and malnourished hair, I knew I had to give the macadamia oil treatments a go sometime. I'm also a super indecisive person so I picked up both the OGX Hydrating Macadamia Oil Mask and the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask to try. I also needed a mini dry shampoo for on-the-go and the Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair seemed like the best option. Lastly, I threw in the John Frieda Textured Beach Hair Kit, because let's be real, this is the only way I'm going to get that fabulously tousled hair you get from living at the beach all summer.

I've bought so much stuff lately that there's actually a Part II, so get keen for that!!
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Hello lovelies! 

Okay! So after almost 3 weeks of trying to sit down and write this post, I've finally gotten around to it. I am gonna apologise in advance for the length of the post because life ‘lately’ really means an abridged autobiography of the last six months of my life.



Source: Pexel
If there's two things I'm sure of, it's that there are heaps of babin' Aussie beauty bloggers and that I'm always interested in finding new blogs to read. With an entire summer holiday ahead of me to binge on Netflix and Bloglovin', I thought it was the perfect time to start hunting for some new reads. 

If you'd like to join me, here are the Top 50 Beauty Bloggers in Australia:


Shift Dress - c/o Izabel London // Leather Jacket // Boots - Lipstik via Dotti
A couple of weeks ago, I might've said that it's too hot to be wearing a leather jacket in late spring but the weather in Sydney has been absolutely temperamental! So I've pretty much been wearing my summer wardrobe and thrown a jacket or sweater on top - layer up pitches. I also tend to move back into a monochrome palette during summer, so this shift dress would've been perfect! Unfortunately, it's a little bit too big for me *sad face* 
I should probably admit that I've had these photos in my photo library for months now. I just haven't had the time to edit anything (I've literally had assessments every week) and when I do, Photoshop always like to crash :( So these photos had to do. Buuuuut I finish exams in exactly a week, so fingers crossed I'll have more time to shoot, edit, post and be funky! haha
Lots of love, 
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Bralette - Supre // Kimono - Lovebird // Pants - c/o Izabel London (similar) // Heels - Staccato
Bracelet // Swarovski // Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hello friends!

This outfit is undoubtedly my favourite from the three looks I shot for Izabel London; mainly because it's like wearing my pajamas out. Now, I'm not going to deny that I haven't worn these pants to sleep and worn them to uni the next day because I've done it on numerous occasions, but these pants are just way too comfy. They have definitely become a staple in my transitional wardrobe!

The kimono and the bralette definitely tie in with the pajamas vibe, because I'm pretty sure mum still thinks the bralette is more sleepwear than party wear. As tempted as I was to chuck on some thongs/uggs, I thought it would be slightly more appropriate to spruce things up with a pair of heels and some bling. 

In all honesty, have you worn your pajamas to school/work?

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Sweater - c/o Izabel // Skirt - Cue // Necklace - Swarovski // Boots - Lipstik via Dotti

Hello friends! It's been a really long time no post :(

Honestly, so much has happened since the last time I updated. This semester's been a lot more intense than I anticipated, and I literally have at least one assessment every week (kill me now pls). But hopefully I'm back for good, and with better content!

I finally got the time to shoot some outfits for Izabel London a couple of weeks ago. Spring's probably not the best time to be ordering sweaters, but I couldn't help myself knowing I've absolutely worn the crap out of my fuzzy Cotton On one this season. I figured one more sweater would be okay for the transitional season.

I debuted this outfit at The Couch Project Launch Event Night with my wide-brimmed hat and some bold red lipstick. Unfortunately, this sweater is a size too big for me, so I can only tuck it with my slightly oversized circle skirt.

How are you dressing for the transitional weather? 

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Dress - Ojay // Heels - Freelance // Necklace - Starlight Foundation

Photos by Miguel Paolo Ronquillo

Hello lovelies! It's been a while since I've successfully posted something. Sadly, I haven't had time to do any OOTDs because I've been so busy with major assignments and end of semester exams. I also had an update all ready to go before Blogger conveniently deleted the whole thing! *sad face*

I did get to do a photo shoot with I Heart Uni a while back. It was for their Black Party event, which apparently is the largest inter-varsity party in the southern hemisphere - say whaaaat. I swear that 78% of my wardrobe is black, but I really struggled to find something appropriate and opted for a classic LBD and my favourite heels from Freelance. Whilst it may be a stock standard clubbing outfit, the entire team soon learned that Ican't do sexy and settled for a 'quirky' look. Let's just say it never helps having 7/11 and Feeling Myself playing in the background. 

My body is definitely still recovering from the actual party on Friday night. Shout out to Halim for getting me into the VIP section and scabbing me a free drink. Make sure you check my Instagram for pics of my actual outfit - coming soon to devices near you! 

Do you prefer a night out with the pals or a night in with Netflix?

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With the official start of winter only being days away, the struggle for soft skin has become a 1-v-1 battle with the weather. Cold winds and artificial heating are awfully good at drying out your skin, so I've incorporated a range of Glamourflage products into my skincare to make sure I have the upper hand in this fight.

Luscious Lucy Face Cream* - RRP $32.95

Perhaps the most quintessential skincare product for winter is a moisturising face cream, and the Luscious Lucy Face Cream is the definition of moisturising with natural ingredients of shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera. The all natural products means that it's still suitable for sensitive skin - it didn't further irritate my skin when I was suffering from skin allergies. I prefer to use it as a night cream, but it definitely can be (and is recommended to be) used throughout the day. The product absorbs quite quickly, so you aren't left feeling and looking like a grease ball. Although the fragrance does remind me of my grandma (i.e. strong vintage 1950's vibes), I personally don't find it off-putting. It may be too strong for some people, so try it out in stores if you get the opportunity. 

Zany Zoe Eye Gel* - RRP $22.95

This time of the year also means staying up late, waking up before the sun rises and guzzling down cups of coffee (and in my case, playing microeconomic video games) for exam prep. The lack of sleep and caffeine overload usually means both puffy and dark under eyes. The Zany Zoe Eye Gel is packed with cucumber, chamomile, horse chestnut, liquorice, marigold and butchers broom to counteract these symptoms. I recommend applying the gel 10-15 minutes before you do the rest of your make up. The metal rollerball helps to cool and de-puff the under eye area. Ideally, the rollerball could dispense more product but it's definitely a great wake up call to get you ready for the rest of your day. The product also dries a little bit tacky. Although I found it a little bit odd at the beginning, I've discovered it's a great base for your concealer. 

Enchanting Ella Eye Cream* - RRP $24.95

Glamourflage has also got the Enchanting Ella Eye Cream to take care of your under eye area in the long run. Because it uses all natural products and is fragrance-free, you don't run the risk of having irritated and half-teary eyes after every application. With regular use, the wheat germ oil will help to reduce the darkness in your under eye circles. For me, the fine lines/wrinkles around my under eyes are starting to fill out and are looking a little less visible (#winning). This is probably my new favourite skin care product, because I've finally found a product that makes me feel less insecure about my horrid under eye circles!

Glamourflage is currently taking 25% of their winter survival kit products, which includes the Luscious Lucy Face Cream and Enchanting Ella Eye Cream. All products are available at David Jones

What's in your arsenal for winter skincare?
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 As Ned Stark famously said "winter is coming". 

Whilst Sydney was drowning in torrential rain, I was frantically searching online and in stores for a good coat. It just so happened that The Iconic contacted me about their winter new arrivals, and I  picked out this Paint It Red coat. Although the material is quite thin, it's definitely enough for those sunny autumn days (TMI: I was sweating after 30 minutes on the day we shot this). I was worried that an XS would be too small to let me layer knits underneath, but there's just enough room for a snug fit.  In celebration of Mother's Day, I decided to go with these mom jeans (they are literally hand-me-down, mum's jeans). I'm bringing them into my winter wardrobe this year, because I figured I can just wear a pair of warm leggings underneath and no one would have to know.

Coat - Paint It Red c/o The Iconic // Tee - Kmart // Jeans - Mum's // Boots - Lipstik via
Just letting you guys know, there's a further 25% off on sale items when you spend over $79, until June 1st. Just use the code 25SALEMA and stock up some cute winter (or summer) clothes with super fast delivery.
Lots of love,
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