Yes, I do realise I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Yes, I do realise it's currently spring here. And yes, I do realise that the forecast says potential highs of 33°C. Apparently that still doesn't stop me from putting together a very autumnal outfit, just because its my favourite season.

 :: Crop Top - Topshop // Jeans - Ziggy Jeans via Myers // Blazer - Thrifted // Oxfords - Mum's // Necklace - Lovisa ::

I found out this morning that Topshop Sydney is hiring Christmas Casuals! They wanted you to submit a Topshop inspired outfit as part of the application, so I threw together some pieces that was quite Llymrs x Topshop. This is the first time I've tried the half up, half down with the bun, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

(We're also going to pretend that my dirty lens was an attempt to be 'arsty')

Mini Update:

1 // I'm more than halfway through my finishing exams - only 3 more to go! 
2 // I dropped my phone in the bath whilst trying to memorise essays for Modern History - never again, will I attempt to multitask whilst in the bath (at least not until I get a waterproof phone case)
3 // After blowdrying, vacuuming and chucking it in rice, said phone is well and functioning - [Bath Water - 0, Mel & her iPhone - 1]

What's your favourite season?

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This is your typical 'blogger made me do it' purchase. Over the last week or so, every blogger has been into Lush and bought something from their Christmas Collection. 
Long story short: I caved into the peer pressure. 
I don't usually indulge in Lush products, or really take baths, but I'd just finished a massive English paper and I had to treat myself. I picked up So White Bath Bomb and the Melting Snowman Bath Melt, and it's definitely got me excited for the Christmas season. They both smelled really good in store, and my friend basically urged me to get both; because:
Fresh apple + warm cinnamon scents = apple pie in a bath 

Ingenious. I know. I haven't been sleeping well, and I'm feeling quite tense - not a happy little vegemite at all (#soznotsoz for the lame Aussie reference) - so I'm looking forward to taking some time out of this exam block to have a pamper night to chill out, read a book and just completely put my essays out of mind. After my maths exam on Wednesday I think!

Have you picked up anything from the Lush Christmas Collection?
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So it's finally come - the moment we've been dreading all along, the amalgamation of a year's hard work, and the final four weeks that stands between me and being unleashed from the shackles of high school...
The Higher School Certificate

I'll admit that was a tad melodramatic and unnecessary, but after a year of this mental and physical struggle I think I get a little bit of leeway. 
It's the night before my last high school exams, and if you couldn't tell already, tomorrow's kind of a big deal. Maybe it's the fact that I've done all these exams before or maybe it's the fact that I just don't care anymore, but I'm really not that worked up tonight. 
I've come to the end of the marathon, and I realise that it doesn't have to be a sprint to the end. I know I've worked hard, and I've been able to balance my studies with everything else I love - friends, family, blogging, a little bit of exercise and a lot of 'me' time. So I'm going into this with no regrets. 
I'm really grateful for all the amazing support that I've had over the last year - this includes all you lovely readers who have left encouraging and supportive comments since I started. I'm not easy to deal with when I'm stressed and anxious; but because your persistence and love has been 10x stronger than my patience, I'm relatively level-headed and calm with 12 hours until I walk into that examination room. So thank you - I love you all.
I've scheduled for this post so that when it goes up, I'll be starting my first exam. I apologise for all the personal/lifestyle posts lately, but my life has revolved around studying for the HSC since I graduated. Hopefully the breaks between each double exam will mean I have some time for outfit posts, and I'm already excited for all the formal posts in November. 
In the words of the Great Dane, Prince Hamlet: 
"Readiness is all"
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This foundation has been on my 'to buy' list for months. I had been searching for a foundation with SPF and excessive shimmer (I'm looking at you, Revlon PhotoReady) to wear to formal. 
I invested in this Illamasqua foundation because: 
a) it doesn't feel like you're wearing foundation; 
b) it's buildable, especially if you buff rather than press; 
c) it doesn't dry out or cake on my normal/dry skin; 
d) it's wasn't ridiculously priced for high-end makeup; 
e) I have a soft spot for Illamasqua and their packaging. 
I've been really impressed so far, and I'm 99% certain that it'll deliver on my night to remember :)

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (No. 09) - RRP $48

What's your formal event foundation?
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The two things that have kept me (somewhat) organised for school this year has been: to do lists and a meticulous colour coding system.

Whilst both of these are pretty common methods, I've taken advantage of two amazing apps - Todoist and TeuxDeux - to maximise my productivity and keep me organised. It's a little ironic that I'm writing this post when I have three essays to write tonight, and haven't started a single one. But it's also safe to say if I didn't have these two trusty productivity apps, my overdue list would be considerably longer.