Last week I had the amazing opportunity to do a street style shoot with Fame & Partners! If you had picked up from my 'Tips and Tricks for Formal Dress Shopping' and 'Graduation Luncheon OOTD' posts, I'm enamoured with Fame & Partners dresses so you can probably imagine how I excited I was when I got the invitation* to become part of their Fame Chain program and have my own photo shoot.

The shoot was taken around Redfern/Chippendale, where the street art is absolutely ridiculous. I had so much fun exploring the back streets - location hunting. But I think it definitely showed how versatile and wearable these gorgeous dresses are!   

*For clarification, I ran into the kitchen and did a happy dance/was squirming on the floor with excitement

Midnight Mesh
Jewel Two Piece
Looped Heartline

All jewellery and clutches: Colette // Boots: Lipstik // Heels: Freelance

Midnight Mesh:

I've been loving the two piece/coordinate trend lately, so this was the first outfit I gravitated towards. The best part about formal two pieces is that it isn't a one off thing, you can separate the pieces and wear them with as many combinations as you like - such a good investment! I chose to dress this outfit down by wearing my boots, and pairing it with a fun, statement necklace. 

Jewel Two Piece:

This two piece is the perfect rendition of the classic princess prom look. The beaded bodice and the full tulle skirt gives you that girly dainty vibe, but the boxy crop top and the midi-length skirt gives it a modern twist (also means you won't spend the entire night carrying your skirt). Just a heads up though, you might not want to wear any accessories that could catch onto the tulle every 5 seconds, it could ruin your night!

Looped Heartline:

Saving the best 'til last, but I had been eyeing this dress for weeks on the Fame & Partners website. Whilst the long sleeves and skirt length would appear to be a more classic and modest option, the plunging neckline, open back and slit up the leg just scream #fierce. It was inspired by Eva Longoria's Emilio Pucci gown she wore to the 2013 Golden Globes. 

Which dress is your favourite?


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Tradition has it that getting an outfit for graduation luncheon is one of the biggest hurdles in a Year 12 students life. 

Of course, you want to dress to impress but at this point in the school year (after spending all your money on formal, teacher presents and as much junk brain food you could consume) your bank account is really stretching itself to afford a decent outfit. To top it all off, you have about 10 minutes flat to change out of full school uniform, touch up your make up and head into the hall. 

Dress: Fame & Partners // Heels: Freelance // Lipstain: Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic

If you look closely, there's a mosquito on my leg
Firstly, I'd like to commend myself for completing this task. 
Amongst all the scrambling to take selfies, say goodbyes and sign yearbooks, I didn't have any time to take decent outfit shot. So I gladly recreated the outfit, because I love it too much not to share :)

When I said to go to sample sales in my 'Tips & Tricks for Formal Dress Shopping' post, I was basing it off my own experiences. I managed to grab this dress for only $20 at the Fame & Partners sample sale a couple of weeks ago! It was perfect for the occassion; because it's classic and modest enough for a school event, yet the detailed applique makes it a really unique and stunning piece.

I paired it with my go-to cutout black heels from Freelance, and a bright pink lip (which was slapped on quite messily on the day)

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"This certificate attests that Melissa has completed a course of senior study, marking the completion of secondary education and thereby attaining the status of graduate."

Welcome to the second installment of my 'end of high school' series. I'm quite happy to announce that I've finally graduated high school! The entire journey has been filled with so many ups and downs, laughs and tears, but most importantly unforgettable memories.

Needless to say, it's been a long and treacherous 6 years. Yet the four weeks after my final internal exams went by in a blink of an eye, with our school calender filled with events - including a Nostalgic 90's Zumba Party, Junior Uniform Day, Safari Themed Muck Up Assembly, Year 12 Breakfast and the infamous Muck Up Photos - to mark off our time at high school. To top it all off, we received our grade tee shirts (ahem, STAY C14SSY) and our Yearbooks. Time really does fly when you're having fun :)

Nostalgic 90's
Clueless | Double Denim | Saved By The Bell | It's Britney, Bitch
But at the end of it all, our final graduation assembly was waiting. 

I inextricably had mixed feelings about graduating. I was excited to finally be finished with school and embrace the freedoms of university; intrepid about the uncertainty of the future; and nostalgic about the past 6 years. Arriving at the end of this eventful week, I was completely out of tears.

Maybe the best part about graduating is being able to get away with so many things you weren't able to do before. By this, I really mean taking selfies with everyone - students, teachers, executives (yes, principals included). We also successfully ascertained top secret information about teacher proposals and life stories as well as getting them to bust some moves to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off

For the most part, I wanted to savour every last moment of these last couple of weeks, because I've come to the realisation that I've been part of a huge family with 169 kids. Our year has been had 3 year advisors over the last 3 years (or 3 parents, if we're going with the really progressive family route), which has meant that we've really had to pull through as a cohort in times of transition. Every family has their conflicts and quarrels, but this family has been exceptionally accepting and beautiful. I love every single girl whom I've had the pleasure to spend my high school years with, and I know I'll miss all of them. 

During my time at high school, I've met some of my best friends. I've been so lucky to have been able to share all these great memories with the most talented, beautiful and comical people in my life. Sometimes it's really comforting to know that we'll all end up at the same universities, and that they're only a text or Facebook message away. 

Our graduation luncheon was themed "Spread Your Wings". I now have a garland of paper cranes hanging in my study to remind me that, as a child and a young adult, I was nurtured in a caring environment and given so many opportunities to prepare myself for flight. Now is the time to spread my wings. 

Graduation Luncheon w/ The Parentals
Wearing Fame & Partners
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" - Dr Suess

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L to R: Charity Bracelet: Jeans for Genes // Watch: Lovisa // Braided Leather Bracelet: Hong Kong Markets 
At some point this year, I decided that wearing a watch was the 'grown up' thing to do. Except I've always been terrible at keeping my watch on, especially since I have a nervous habit of playing around with the strap and the fastenings through the day. The solution to this problem came when I found this Lovisa watch, which basically is a fancy rubber bracelet with a clock face. 
I love pairing it with my long time favourite leather bracelet from some markets in Hong Kong and/or my Jeans for Genes bracelet that shows off how generous I am (please note the ironic tone - I promise I'm not that pretentious!)
What arm candy are you rocking?
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Whether you're getting ready for homecoming or graduation, preparation for the formal season is truly upon us. Being obsessed with formal events and somewhat infamous for owning 4+ formal dresses, I thought I'd share some of my tips on how to find the perfect formal dress. 


French Heritage - Oriental Endeavour

Despite being turned off by Tom Tywker’s representation of the art of perfumery in ‘Perfume’, I was extremely excited to receive five perfume testers and a full size perfume. I was contacted by SC Perfume* to try out a few of their perfumes. They are an Australian-based company. Their products are manufactured in Vietnam, by the Saigon Cosmetics Company. All their products are created using materials from France, and are made with skill, dedication and integrity to the art of perfumery. 

Their website is organised primarily by brand and a very handy fragrance wheel. For me, being the notes/scent orientated browsing experience made a quick and simple process. Because their fragrances are as well known, they've also included a list of similar fragrances at the bottom of each description and includes many established brands.