When you add up all the time I've dedicated to 'putting my face on', it's a lot. Yet I've never worked out how long it actually takes me. For the purposes of maximising the time I can roll around in bed (anyone else noticing a trend here?), I've always guess-timated about 10 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised it only takes me approximately 6 minutes

Obviously this number changes from day-to-day - mainly dependent on how many layers of concealer I need to adequately cover up my dark circles. But a make up routine that takes less than 10 minutes means I can still sleep in for 40 minutes and still get out of the house on time!


I remember the night my friends and I sat around on the floor crying at 4am about how scared we were - for the Higher School Certificate, for the end of high school and for the future. I vividly remember saying that I was scared I would let my parents down, and that I'd end up wasting years, transferring between different degrees because I failed the first time. 

I have 57 days until I graduate.

...and all the fear, curiosity and excitement has hit me hard.


Knitted Headband - Forever 21 // Tee Shirt - Cotton On // Leather Jacket - China
Scarf - Cotton On // Creepers - Dotti 

The first thing I thought when I inherited this large-size shirt from my grandmother's closet was "this shirt is probably longer than half my shorts", and I wasn't wrong. I've worn the crap out of this shirt, but because of it's ridiculous length there always seems to be too much fabric to tuck in.

I was inspired by Lua @ LeHappy who wore a plus sized shirt as a tunic. Her entire look seemed so comfy and stylish that I couldn't help but appropriate and recreate it. Even though we've been getting 22℃ days in Sydney, winter weather still means I had to layer up. So I pulled out my trusty leather jacket, knee-high socks and a staple scarf. This knitted headband I got from Forever 21 is perfect for those days I want to wear my hair up whilst keeping my ears warm :) I also wore some bike shorts underneath the shirt to avoid any unnecessary slippage (lol)

What's your favourite way to wear the oversized tee?



White Top - Thrifted // Button Down - Grandma's // Cardigan - Dad's
Bandage Skirt - Valleygirl // Satchel - Sportsgirl // Boots - Lipstik via Dotti 

Last night, I saw one of my amazingly talented friends perform at the 'Talent Development Project' graduation showcase. It was held at this super cute lounge/bar in the inner suburbs of Sydney, and the entire fit out was so incredible - you'd find something really wacky and amazing every time you turned around. Needless to say, I'm really proud of Ollie for graduating from TDP, and it was such an amazing night to catch up with some friends whilst enjoying some genuinely good music.

Be sure to check out Ollie's Facebook page, there's a little surprise announcement coming up ;)

Have you been to any bar gigs recently?


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