I stumbled across Fiona from MakeupSavvy's post on 'First World Beauty Problems'. I found so many of these first world problems so relevant to my own life that I thought I'd add some of the problems I deal with on a day-to-day basis

  • When you fill in your brows, take a step back from the mirror and realise that they're fiercer than Cara Delevigne's and in no way appropriate for your face.
  • When you use half a bottle of conditioner and your hair still feels like straw
  • When you lick off all of your Lush lip scrub before you get the chance to actually scrub your lips
  • When you talk about Nars or Illamasqua products in public and people give you weird stares. 
  • When you're convinced that coating your non-waterproof mascara with waterproof mascara will mean that you can survive a tearjerker movie without coming out looking like a panda (it never works, trust me)
  • When you get one false eyelash band closer to your lash line than the other
  • When you send your friend a snapchat of you with a face mask on, and they screenshot it
  • When you apply/blend your foundation/concealer with your fingers, pick up another product with black packaging and leave an array of base product fingerprints - (Yes, Nars, I'm looking at you)
  • When you spend time doing your hair and the rain ruins all your hard work
  • When you shave your legs and, without a doubt, miss a spot on/near your knees
  • When you've done your make up perfectly, and then realise you have to where to go

Anyone else have the same problems that I have?

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When I'm on exam leave, my outfits seem to always fall into the same criteria: cute, comfy, confidence-inspiring. I'm someone who often associates their outer appearance with how they're feeling on the inside, so I still like to put effort into my outfits because I find I'm the most productive when I feel confident about how I look. Superficial? Maybe. But it works for me, so I'm sticking to it.

I also like to maximise the amount of time I spend under the covers in the morning, therefore I try create as many outfits in my 'mind palace' (holla, Sherlock reference) as possible, and chuck it on and then leave the house. Last Wednesday morning, having only 20 minutes to roll out of bed and into the car, I created this outfit.

Crop Top: Dotti // Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters (in Black) // Scarf: Grandma's //
Cardigan: American Eagle // Boots: Lipstik via Dotti

The velvet crop top and boots are a relatively recent purchase, and I was just dying to wear the crop top before crop tops got too minimal for the weather. I think crop tops and high-waisted jeans work well for my long-torso-shorter-legs figure, so I wore my favourite, super stretchy BDG jeans from UO. 

I'm still only halfway through swapping out my summer clothes for my winter wardrobe (it's mid-June, get your shit together Mel!), but this American Eagle cardigan is a piece I rediscovered in the process. I got it when I was twelve on my trip to the West Coast of the USA, and I've had a pretty rocky relationship with it, but it is just so warm and monochrome! 

I mentioned that my mum and I cleaned out my grandma's wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to pick up a lot of good quality scarves. This maroon/burgundy is really soft, and I think it adds some colour whilst complements the ashy tone of the jeans. 

I also think half the population of teenage girls in Sydney owns these boots from Lipstik, but admittedly they should come under 'staple items'. I've been really drawn to them this exam period because the heel makes me feel so much more confident, and if productivity is an excuse to wear some nice shoes, I'm taking it!

What's your go to exam outfit?

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Lights. Music. Ideas

Last Saturday, I went on a little mother-daughter date to go check out the Vivid Sydney Lights Festival. It was the last weekend and I knew it was something I didn't want to miss for the third year in a row; so I planned ahead, dragged mum along and took a few photos :)

First of all, I'd like to congratulate myself for completely another set of assessments and coming out the other end alive, albeit with a few battle scars. It's been an interesting week, if you want to find out a bit more, go check out my 'Queen of Hearts' post.

Because I had a week between my last two exams, I had planned to go see the annual Vivid Lights Festival with one of my best friends. Unfortunately, she was completely swamped with exam prep so she couldn't come and the whole shebang got turned into a mother-daughter date. 

I found the concept of the whole festival really interesting, especially how they'd made the whole experience quite hands on. It was really fun watching all the little kids screaming at a field of electric flowers to make them light up, or dance around on hoops that flashed different colours. The projection displays were especially mesmerising, especially the 'Gamma World' projection on the face of the Museum of Contemporary Art (picture above) and the Lighting of the Sails at Sydney's iconic Opera House. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good photo of the Opera House but I can assure you it looks amazing (and I'm sure if you googled it, it would come up with photos 100x better than anything I could've taken).

I was especially excited for the bunnies at the end of the pier, but there were so many people there on Saturday night that the grass had turned into a muddy sludge! It was extremely unpleasant, but the bunnies were completely worth it. They are ridiculously adorable and almost dopey. 

Do they have anything like this where you live?

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Or Queen of Broken Hearts

I woke up this morning at 6:00am to get ready for my school's annual athletics carnival. It was raining outside, but I continued to get ready and do my make up. All the while, I was checking my email and the grade Facebook page for any updates on the carnival.

At 7:10am, numerous sources confirmed one thing:


I was so disappointed, because I had dedicated all of Monday to making my costume.
Now, I'd spent way too much time on my make up to let it all go to waste, so I had to share it!

I even made myself a little sceptre/wand! 

I started off with a much paler base than I'd usually go for. For the eyes, I pulled out my BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow 4th Edition Palette and put a wash of my blue on my lids and my crease. Then, using Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeline, I created a really small cat eye. Whipped out a pair of $2.80 Daiso Eyelashes with my Duo Eyelash Glue

A Queen of Hearts make up look isn't complete without a red lip, so I used some concealer on my lips before I lined a heart shape and filled it in with my Essence Lip Liner in Femme Fetale

I think this GIF of Helena Bonham Carter describes my mood perfectly:

The prefects are thinking of organising an assembly where all the girls get to showcase their costumes and show some school spirit, so hopefully I'll have a follow up post with my whole outfit! 

At least I get the day off to study for my last exam. 

Has something like this ever happened to you?
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Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all well

I took another unexpected (although slightly expected) blogging break, so I thought I'd give you guys a  quick little update :)

  • Exams: 
    • I'm in the middle of my assessment block right now (with a week between my last two exams?!?)
    • I stopped blogging for a while because there was just so much content I needed to know for these exams, and I really wanted to better my results since I wasn't exactly satisfied with my last assessments. 
    • I actually have another three assessments coming up in three weeks. One of them includes a 2500 essay that is worth 40% of one unit, so I think I'll be dedicating quite a bit of time to it. 
  • Provisional Licence
    • I've had my P's for over 2 months now, but I finally drove myself somewhere for the first time last week. 
    • Now that I have the liberty to drive myself, I have been attracted to numerous McDonald's drive thrus and 7/11 carparks for Slurpee runs. 
    • I feel like I have so much more freedom and it's so just incredibly exciting :)
  • Melaniface's Giveaway:
    • Amidst all the practice-essay-writing and last minute cramming, I got this lovely package from Melanie. She hosted a little giveaway on her blog to celebrate 100 followers on Bloglovin :) I totally recommend you go check her out, just because she's great and she's Aussie and I think there's enough reasons right there!
  • Trip to London, Spain and Hong Kong:
    • To celebrate the end of my high school career and my 18th birthday, my parents are taking my to Spain and stopping off at London and Hong Kong at the beginning of next year. 
    • I know it's a little early to start planning, but if anyone has any recommendations - sites to see, places to eat, things to do. I also really want to see a cute little gig in London, so just drop off all your music recommendations in the comments below :)
    • (There will definitely be a follow up post)

What have you all been up to?

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