White Tee: Cotton On // Grey Hoodie: Love Boat (Japan) // Denim Hoodie: Mum's //
Jeans: Ziggy via Myer (avaliable on the Glue Store website) // Creepers: Dotti// Backpack: Grandma's


I have a weakness for hand-me-downs, and I always have. Maybe it's part of the only-child complex I have, but I really enjoy the comfort and the look of something that has been wore in and obviously loved a little (and I obviously love the fact that I don't have to pay a cent!)

My two favourite pieces would have to be mum's denim hoodie and a Prada backpack that I recently found in my grandma's wardrobe (I'm not 100% sure whether it's real or not). I pretty much live in denim hoodies during the summer, and I definitely think it's a piece that is versatile enough all year around. However, this particular one is quite thin, so on days where the weather is a little more forgiving I like to wear my grey hoodie underneath to give me a little insulation. 

This backpack is the perfect size for weekend outings and little family dinners; because I can fit my essentials (phone, wallet, lip balm, etc.) as well as a book and a water bottle, but at the same time I'm not tempted to pack my whole house in there. I think is also my first small day back in black, so it'll definitely get a lot of use because it goes with everything!

Anyone else have a love for hand-me-downs that could rival mine? 

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Hey Everyone!

I got tagged by the lovely Megan at Lazy Thoughts to do this tag a little while ago. There are definitely 'a whole lot of questions', so you might want to grab a cup of tea and sit back and relax. 

Hope you enjoy!


My creepers have made a comeback in my autumn/winter wardrobe, so I thought I'd showcase one of my staple 'grungy' pieces. 

Creepers were everywhere last winter - from the lookbooks of high profile bloggers, to the OOTDs of your average teenage girl, and finally in my own shoe collect. I love these because I think they're a great way to add some height and some hardware, without overshadowing the rest of the outfit; so it was inevitable that creepers would end up on my wishlist. 

I originally wanted to purchase a pair of the classic TUK creepers, but instead I found these knock-offs at the Dotti factory outlet in Chinatown. One shoe was missing a shoelace, but it was on sale for $10 so I was already sold. But when I got to the cashier, I was pleasantly surprised that they were only $2! These have to be my best bargain buy. 

My favourite way to wear these are with black knee-high socks, a skater skirt and a beanie; but because these are quite versatile, I can pretty much pair them with any grungy, wintery outfit. The only down-side is that they don't really have too much support, so I find that after a long day of walking around, my feet will be quite sore. 


Hey Everyone!

I don't normally change my make up routine to suit the seasons, but this 'sweater weather' combined with the abundance of 'purple' and 'smokey' looks I've seen on Youtube and Bloglovin' has got me really loving this subtle, wearable and super easy eyeshadow and eyeliner combination. 

Per usual, I used my Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze through my crease to give some definition and as a transition colour. Using a flat shader brush, I packed 'Conker' - a gorgeous, shimmery plum shade - from the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel on my lids and blended it into the bronzer. Then, using Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Black, I (quite messily) lined my top lash line before blending it into 'Conker' with my Essence Smokey Eyes Brush (how appropriate!) I built up the colour and the smokey-ness by repeating the process of lining my lash line, occasionally picking up some of the purple shadow and blending. 
I paired the smokey eyeshadow look with Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Barely There, because I didn't want a particularly bold lipstick to overshadow but at the same time, it has a slightly darker hue which is more autumn appropriate. I warmed up my cheeks using the same bronzer because I cannot neglect bronzer, and I think it just adds the right amount of color all year around. 

I'll definitely be wearing this look throughout the colder months.

Have you hopped on the smokey eye bandwagon?

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P.S. I've started experimenting with Photoshop and curves, so hopefully I'll be able to upload some better photos in the future. But for the moment, bear with me. I promise I will get it right eventually!