At the moment, Lovisa is doing one of their crazy up to 70%-off sales and I just couldn't resist. I popped into my local store, hoping to find a necklace to match my formal dress and I came back out with 2 necklaces and 3 packs of rings.

I'd just picked out the pack on the left, but when I got to the counter to pay, the sales assistant told me that all rings were 3 for $10! There was no way I was passing up on 17 rings for $10!

I can't stop buying little dainty rings, because it's quite normal for me to go out with six or seven rings on one hand. Lovisa is one of the few affordable jewellery stores that stocks a 'small' size small enough to not fall off my relatively skinny fingers, which means I can wear midi-rings as they're meant to be worn and not on my index finger.

So if you live near a Lovisa, go in and check out their sale! There's still a tonne of stock available :)

Lovisa Rings | 3 for $10

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