Hello lovelies!

It's official! After all this hype, I've finally gotten to the other side of the world. It's been almost a month since I moved to the UK, and I'm starting to settle into my new dorm and into a new routine. Now, I don't have a bedside table in this room but I do have this sizeable window sill which houses my airplane sleep kit (eye mask, earplugs, etc.), a couple of books and some of my current faves. 

I've always had a habit of keeping lip balm and hand cream near my bed, because my lips and my hands are inevitably always dry. I finally picked up the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm before I left Australia, and I can see why it's such a cult favourite. The scent isn't too offensive and the formula absorbs really nicely. Although I usually use the Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream overnight, I've kept that in the bathroom because I do a lot of hand-washing and my hands get quite dry. Instead, I use the Crabtree and Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy in Pomegranate, which is probably my favourite scented hand cream. On the note of hydration, I need a huge glass of water in the morning and throughout the day to curb any hangovers and the post-exercise parch. I really wanted to get a stein whilst I was in Germany but I figured it was impossible to take home; hence, why I love this plastic Oktoberfest one! 

My last 'bedside bae' is probably my favourite. This is the first succulent I've ever owned, and I hope it doesn't have the same fate as the cactus I got in high school. Needless to say, I'll be very upset when I have to leave it behind. I haven't named it yet, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

What are you bedside essentials?
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9/15 Bayswater Road, Potts Point

It's without a doubt that Sydney is home to so many restaurants and cafes offering an amazing selection of international cuisines, so it's hardly surprising that there are a lot on my 'bucket list'. The first time I'd heard of Harajuku Gyoza was when they introduced the Raindrop Cake. I do want to see as much of Sydney and savour as much good Asian food as I can before I leave for the UK. So when they reached out to me to try out their desserts, I pretty much jumped at the opportunity and became a food blogger for the day. 

Harajuku Gyoza is only a short 2 minute walk from Kings Cross train station and quite a few bus stops. For me, the decor was quite cosmopolitan - the different plates were a really nice touch. 

We started with some of my favourite appetisers - Eggplant Tempura (i.e. the only tempura I like), Agedashi Tofu and the Tebaski Wings. I really liked that the batter on the tempura wasn't overdone and the bonito flakes on the tofu are always the highlight. To follow up, we ordered some Pork and Duck Gyozas (because you don't go to Harajuku Gyoza without ordering gyoza). The pork was a little underwhelming, but the duck gyoza was amazing. 

Of course the star of the show was the Raindrop Cake. It comes in three flavours - brown sugar, strawberry and matcha. After trialling the brown sugar and the matcha, hands down, matcha wins. The actual cake itself is mesmerizing - bigger than I thought it would be, and much less jelly like. Personally, I really enjoyed my matcha raindrop cake and it's an experience I'm happy to have had. But perhaps my favourite dessert was the Salted Caramel Gyoza with Ice Cream - so much salted caramel filling, paired so well with the vanilla ice cream and perfect for a cold, rainy day. 

Huge shoutout to our wonderful hostess. She was so sweet and lovely, really helpful and attentive. Unfortunately, I didn't catch her name but she is pictured below.

Have you tried out any new restaurants in your city??
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hello friends!

it’s been well over six months since i last sat down and wrote out a blog post; and i would like to think that there’s good reason for that! grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee/juice, and we’ll pretend like this is a cute little catch up x

uni & exchange

last semester was…uh, different? i started doing subjects for my major, which meant a shit tonne of essays, self-reflection and group work. whilst essays are still despicable, i feel a lot more comfortable talking about myself and my goals and even loving group work (no, that wasn’t a typo).   i still dread the thought of group work but after spending 4+ hours a week with these guys (pictured below), i’m starting to warm up to the idea. 

something that didn’t change last semester was how many commitments i had. i’d reduced my part time work hours, but i’d picked up pro-bono consulting, volunteering with the student organisation, and some leadership positions instead. with all this, i somehow managed to improve my grades and i even managed to scrape my first HD!! 

a lot of this last sem has also been prep for exchange. from applications to acceptances, enrolment to flights, there has been plenty of times where the only thing i’ve been capable of saying were profanities. (i mean they stuffed up my visa twice - twice!! - how does that happen??). and there’s still so much i have to do :( 

either way, i leave in less than three weeks to start my backpacking trip in europe. i’ve jam-packed my itinerary with two tours, so i’m ready to tick off a lot of things on my bucket list :) if anyone has any recommendations for the greek islands and central europe, please please please let me know! 

these last couple of weeks, i’ll really just be busy with packing, last minute bookings and catching up with all my friends for the last time. it’ll also involve eating as many golden gaytimes as possible, and hopefully going to the beach one last time. 

how have you guys been? x
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